The Democratic Reform Movement invites you to its second conference “The Environmental Crisis”.


Around the world pollution is increasing, and it contributes not only to a potential global warming, but also may directly reduce life expectancy.


The environment is in crisis as we are reaching the point of no return. Concrete measures have to be taken and made as a priority. The development of science can lead us to environmental improvements concerning the use and production of energy, as well as a massive depollution of the environment. However, many obstacles are overpowering sustainable development, and we are talking about lobbies surrounding research institutes as well as political decisions.

Copenhagen, Cancun, are all names symbolizing the defeat of a true international policy coordination to overcome the Environmental Crisis. It seems that the environmental issues cannot be possibly taken into account in our current national system. 


The environment has become a real political matter. French Green Nicolas Hulot once summarized the unwillingness of politicians to sufficiently engage with environmental concerns by saying:“As the Titanic, we go straight ahead in the iceberg. We should not only change our speed, but also our course”.


But how can we change our course before it’s too late?


On Thursday, 16th of February at 7:00pm.

At Henry VIII Hotel, Conference Room, 23 Leinster Gardens  London W2 3AN.



Shahrar Ali (Green Party Candidate for the London Assembly)

Bruce Nixon (Environmental Consultant)

Chris Church (Low Carbon Community)

Jean Eveleigh (Democratic Reform Party)

And many other speakers.