YVES BARON LE TENOR PRESENTS OKSANA DANCING THAILAND TOUR ( PARIS/VILNIUS ) PHUKET- KRABI- BANGKOK 6 TH UNTIL FEB 18 TH INFOLINE +668 863 514 92 ( BANGKOK ) To confirm your booking of OKSANA DANCER , please fill out the following details and email to info@letenor.pro Name:______________________ Address: _____________________________Postcode:_______ Postal address: ________________________________Postcode:_______ Telephone:______________________ Mobile: _________________ Event co-ordinator:_________________ Mobile on the day: _________________ Location of event: __________________ Telephone of venue:______________ Date: _______________ Time: _______________(please also forward a running schedule at earliest convenience) NB cancellation of the event up to 3 days before the show will have full fee paid to the artist YVES BARON LE TENOR MUSICAL DIRECTOR