The Democratic Reform Movement invites you to its conference "Facing and economy in crisis"


Speakers :


John Bunzl, from The Simultaneous Policy organisation (


James Parker, political analyst, leader of the Democratic Reform Party


Philippe Brun, french political adviser, student in the Institute of Political Studies - Paris


Cyril Zeldine, from Occupy LSX

... and other famous guest speakers, economists and researchers.


The Greek crisis and the euro's discredit have significantly changed the way politics are conducted among countries. New economic questions are now asked.  Some massive groups have decided to protest against the current economic system. Leaders have taken decisions, without consulting their population, technocratic government have been invested by parliaments. What is the alternative ? Can we find a political perspective in a world governed by bankers and investors ?


The Democratic Reform Movement is being set up in 2011 in response to the crises currently unfolding around the world, such as the economic crisis, war, environmental destruction and poverty. The Movement aims to bring together all those with a desire to solve these problems through democratic and forward thinking means. It’s open to all members and organisations that are serious about working together on campaigns promoting progressive and democratic reforms. It has a non-sectarian approach and embraces all that is good and wise, regardless of religious or ideological persuasion.

By using our collective intelligence we can bring together greater understanding and clarification to everyone who wants to improve the quality of life.